Healthcare is at a crossroads

Doctors are facing new challenges today, from juggling workloads and training alongside high patient demand. As we stand at a crossroads, we have a choice as a community — do we continue down the same road, or look to new ways of doing things? 

Explore the 10 challenges facing healthcare today and discover how the BMA is working with doctors to find sustainable solutions. Take a sneak peek at the guide today:

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Finding sustainable solutions

Struggling to keep up with the latest in the rapidly transforming medical community? Read about how the medical profession is changing. 

Although change in the medical profession has been slow, the need for a more diverse workforce has never been so apparent.

Read this exclusive article from your peers on how the pandemic has affected junior doctors and their career planning. 

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5 ways your medical career is changing 

Becoming more diverse and inclusive

A reflection from the past year from junior doctors

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Supporting the rights, training and wellbeing of junior doctors

Latest guide
Adapting to life after the pandemic 
Sustaining existing staff 

Find out how doctors are looking to quickly address and prepare for a backlog of non-Covid patients.

41% of doctors said they were suffering from some form of depression, anxiety, stress or burnout. Find out how mental health is being made a priority.

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A day in the life of a junior doctor Kate Ridley 

Discover how healthcare providers have coped with the pandemic in this interview with junior doctor Kate Ridley

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Find out how we're helping junior doctors restart their training and plan their careers around a heavy workload.

Getting back on track

Pause to proceed 

Without a carefully thought-out plan to return to business as usual, many will not be able to cope.

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How the BMA is supporting doctors today